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Stage 1 of the $1.5 million project from the Provincial Growth Fund and Hauraki District Council is nearing completion.

Paeroa Wharf

The wharf is completed and has become a favourite swimming spot for many.


The boardwalk is currently under construction and it’s really shaping up well. Once completed it will link the three new pontoons. Murray Pennell and his team are doing a fantastic job.


Two of the three pontoons are complete, with the third being craned into place last Saturday. This has been a longer process than we expected, but we are thrilled with the results. We are unable to have boat trips until all three pontoons are completed and the Historical Maritime Park is no longer a construction zone.


Historical Maritime Park owns two boats (Ariana and Kiteawa) and the Tamati is a paddleboat that is privately owned and based at the park. We are looking forward to taking bookings soon for boat trips between the Park and Paeroa.

Historic building

An historic building, donated by Waikato Regional Council, was placed next to the museum in December. The building was part of their old office building and prior to that it was a doctor’s office. It is currently awaiting consents to be able to place it on foundations / piles. The aim is to refurbish the building and extend the museum and enable more spacious display space.

We will keep you posted with updates on development. 

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